Buzz Harcus


September 2008





Tainted Treasure

The time is 1979, thirty years since the Communists closed off China to the rest of the world Thirty years since black.

marketeer, Joe Gionetti, hid his cache of black market money in the old Marine Corps barracks in Tsingtao in 1949. Former Marine Corporal, Harry Martin, saw his life change the moment he told Joe he’d recover the money. As a member of the Swedish grain carrier, Otto P. Nurad, which arrived in Tsingtao on an April Friday, Harry had but that one night to recover the cache, for Nurad was slated to sail at dawn on Saturday. He recovered the money but at a deadly, bloody price.

However, destiny would deal Harry and the crew of Nurad a different hand for Communists authorities insisted they take four stranded American seamen with them, men the Chinese wanted out of China now! Within days Nurad changed course bringing them into the dangerous waters of the South China Sea, where Harry, the Captain, First Officer and cook, encounter pirates, a stranded billionaire and his young gun-toting wife, foul weather and the evils of mankind.

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