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At Home In Asia

At Home in Asia comes from the pen of Harold Stephens who has spent most of his adult years in Asia where he has become one of that region’s best-known writer/adventurers. He has authored more than a dozen books (travel, adventure, exploration, biographies) and thousands of newspaper and magazine articles on his Asia experience. From mountain climbing to jungle trekking, from sailing to diving, few have experienced Asia and its people with the richness of Harold Stephens. He presently divides his time between Miranda, Northern California, and Bangkok, Thailand, where he writes a weekly travel column for the Bangkok Post and is Travel Correspondent for Thai Airways International.

Biographical Sketches of the People in Harold Stephens’ “At Home in Asia”

Chapter 1. John Everingham, Professional Photographer
Australian ex-patriated to Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam. Ran charcoal temple rubbings across the border into Saigon to sell as souvenirs to American GIs during the Vietnam War. Became a “gofer” as part of the technical crew for Walter Cronkite.

Chapter 2. Hans Hoefer, Author
German expatriated to Singapore and Malaysia. Writes travel guides to the nooks and crannies and jungles and beaches of southeast Asia. Finds everything from hundred-year old rubber tree plantations, to a Buddhist monk living in one cave, and a hermit living in another; tracking wild elephant herds with native game wardens.

Chapter 3. Della Butcher, Grand Dame of the Arts
From a stewardess on a charter airline called Hunting Clan Airline, to the Grand Dame of the Native Arts of the aboriginals from Singapore to Borneo.

Chapter 4. Robin Danhorn, Press Relations Consultant
British expatriated to Bangkok. Press Relations for Thai International Airways, in charge of creating a global image and identity for Thai International when it added Bali to its international routes.

Chapter 5. Han Snel, Artist
Dutchman expatriated to Bali. A life full of paradise and intrigue.

Chapter 8. Lisa Choegyal, a true lady of the Himalayas
British woman, expatriated to Nepal. Married to a Tibetan prince, and leading a storybook life in the Himalayas.

Chapter 10. Bill Heinecke, race car driver
At 18 years old, Bill Heinecke is hired by Ford Motor Company to drive Singapore to Bangkok — 897 miles — in record time (30 hours). Unpaved roads, unbridged rivers, monsoon, few gas stations and Muslim rebels.

Other Chapters.
Inger Lissenovitch, Mrs. Boris of Kathmandu
Barbara Adams, Every woman’s dream
Wachtevitl, Goerlach & Company, The General Managers
Bill Mathers, searcher for archeological wrecks in the Asian seas
Tristan Jones, author of 14 books about the sea

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