About Us

Wolfenden Publishers with an editorial office in Bangkok, is an independent publisher, established in 1994, with one purpose and one goal in mind: to publish good books by sincere and conscientious writers. These include both fiction and non-fiction, histories and biographies, travel and adventure.

It seems these days one needs a “niche” before they can succeed in any field. Publishing is the same. Publishers have to concentrate on niches: children’s books, mysteries, supernatural, histories, biographies, self-help books, health books and the likes. At Wolfenden we tend to slant towards books about the South Pacific and Southeast Asia, but we do not limit ourselves to these areas alone.

The demise of many traditional publishing houses is due to both the rise of digital media and the ever increasing costs of production. Shipping and mailing costs, for example, have put many magazines out of business, and now publishing houses as well.

Other publishers have been bought up by media giants that control radio and TV and now the Internet.

As a result those big publishing house that remain are interested mainly in blockbusters, books that will earn them profits. That doesn’t mean that good writers are not out there, wanting to be read. They are. In view of this, small publishing houses have begun to appear, and writers have turned to self-publishing.

Wolfenden Publishing is one of these latter-day publishers, striving to get its writers read.

We hope you like our titles.