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The Henderson Memories

A Novel by Doug Ingold

Title: Henderson Memories
Author: Doug Ingold
Published: June, 2010
Pages: 379
ISBN: 978-0-978695149
Price: $14.95
Status: New
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Hear the drums, Take the journey.

The Henderson Memories is a story of idealism and loss, of passions felt and lessons learned. In 1965 two young American Peace Corps Volunteers arrived at a small town in the Brazilian state of Bahia. Kyle and Jolene Henderson were determined to confront the poverty and social inequality surrounding them, but a few months later the Hendersons suddenly left Brazil. They returned to the States, established careers, raised and family and eventually died, having never spoken to their children of Brazil or the Peace Corps. What happened to the Hendersons in Brazil? Daughter Connie Scheel thinks Clint Estergard knows the answers and she flies to Vancouver, B.C. hoping to get them. But Professor Estergard has a tale to tell, and he’s going to insist on telling it his way.

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